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How Energy Healing Can Improve Mental and Physical Health Faster Than Conventional Therapy

More and more people are turning to energy healing for the treatment of a wide range of mental and physical health conditions, from depression to cancer to sleeping problems. Indeed, while conventional therapeutic methods are useful, energy healing goes a step further. This is because energy healing practitioners don’t employ chemicals or modalities that separate the mind and body as a way of helping patients, but instead draw on the universe’s life force to facilitate faster and more deeply-rooted healing. 

Here are two ways in which energy healing can have a quicker impact than conventional therapy when it comes to treating certain issues.

Helps With Pain and Anxiety 

A study in 2015 found that energy healing reduced the levels of pain and anxiety in cancer patients to a much greater degree than another control group that only received conventional medical care. Moreover, the practice of energy healing has been shown to significantly reduce pain and anxiety for women following cesarean delivery, even reducing the need for analgesic painkillers. Unlike some medications, it had no negative impact on blood pressure or pulse rate. 

When it comes to pain in particular, conventional medication and energy healing both have a positive effect, but the latter has been proven to be more cost-effective and faster in its delivery of relief to the patient.  

Better Quality of Breathing and Sleep

Energy healing targets your autonomic nervous system, the unconscious part of your nerve system that is responsible for heartbeat and breathing. By regulating imbalances in your body, the process helps you move from a sympathetic-dominant (or ‘fight-or-flight’) state to a parasympathetic-dominant (or ‘rest-and-digest’) state, which in turn allows you to breathe deeper and enjoy more restful sleep. 

By enabling your body to remain in a parasympathetic-dominant state, energy healing provides a genuine long-term solution for people experiencing problems with sleep. It regulates your heartbeat and breathing over time and reduces the risk of high blood pressure, heart issues, and other stress-related conditions. Medication can also help, of course, but energy healing doesn’t create dependencies and instead tackles the root of sleeping problems by supporting the autonomic nervous system. 

Are you experiencing problems with stress, sleep, depression, anxiety, or fatigue? If so, get in touch with me for energy healing online that directly targets your specific issues.

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